Waking up in the Tipi

We took our Kifari Tipi on our Ely, MN dog sledding winter camping trip.  While some people slept in quinzees….

others just spread their bivys and sleeping bags out on the snow…..

the rest of us slept inside a warm tipi with the woodstove

causing us to ponder – why would they do that?

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4 comments to Waking up in the Tipi

  • Dan

    Just want to ask if you keep the fire burning all night. I know it depends on the wood used. My best is about a 40 min burn time. Just about the time I fall asleep the stove has died shortly after. Do you just have a fire to fall asleep then one in the a.m. to wake up to? What do you take for stakes in different snow conditions? Thanks

  • WinterCampers

    Our experience with burn time in the stove is similar – about 45 minutes. If someone want to volunteer to feed the stove all night, god bless them. With more experience we have evolved to letting the fire go out and then re-start it in the morning. It uses a lot less wood then too.

  • Dan

    The Kifaru tipi has a lot of tent stakes. What do you use to stake in the snow?

  • WinterCampers

    We have a couple different styles of stakes: the big nail type and the plastic ones with the hook on the end. We typically dig down to turf as none of the stakes hold well in just snow. The large nail spikes can be driven into frozen ground with a hatchet.