Make Your Own Pulk

We have talked about alternatives for transporting your winter camping gear such as backpacks, sleds, toboggons and pulks.  We have used and reviewed commercial pulks.  You can easily build your own pulk – there are lots of DIY instruction sets online.  Backpacking North just published another set using Ed Bouffard’s instructions.  If you are considering building your own pulk check it out.

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1 comment to Make Your Own Pulk

  • Bill

    Has anyone made a pulk for desert/non-winter use? It might be easier to PULL my gear than to CARRY it. I had a friend who needed his CPAP at the end of a hike for survival, and he put his in a large-wheeled jogging child carrier and pushed it the whole way; but I’ve wondered since if a pulk-on-wheels might have been easier.