Lightening The Load by Dressing Down

Backpacker Magazine published an article Ultralight Makeover as a 12-step program for cutting the weight of your backpack.  Relevant to winter camping was their brief discussion on clothing.

Dress down: Thru-hiker Jack Haskel limits his three-season layering system to pants, a tee, a puffy, a shell, one pair of underwear—and, um, no deodorant. He cautions not to go too light on the shell for alpine travel. “With raingear, a few ounces can mean a much safer hike.”

Backpacking North ran a series of posts serving analysis and counter-point to the Backpacker articles.  Part 8 of a 12-part series  Backpacking North analyzes Backpacker magazine’s recommendations and offers a more comprehensive selection of tips and gear recommendations.  Recommending clothing is such a complex issue; advice rests on many variables: local geographical, climactic, and meteorological conditions, personal preferences, body types, gender. With clothing personal circumstances will significantly influence the choices you make, which makes writing a useful guide for all circumstances particularly difficult.  Winter conditions certainly warrant their own consideration.

Backpacking North makes recommendations of what NOT to bring, items to include and his personal experience and recommendations for specific clothing.  Read the whole article here.

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