Redfeather’s Winter People Society

Redfeather Snowshoes has a sense of humor and it shines through in their invitation for you to join its Winter People Society. The society’s pledge:

As a winter person I do hereby happily pledge to uphold the standards of the Society. To pray for snow, no matter what my religious beliefs. To smile in the face of sub-zero windchills. To hone my skills at hot chocolate production.

Club Rules:

Being a member of the SFPWP (Society for the Preservation of Winter People) comes with some important responsibilities. Members are expected to follow the Rules of Conduct, as well as live by the Society Pledge.

Rules of Conduct

  1. Snowballs are an important part of a healthy breakfast. Make sure you give your kids a couple on their way to school.  (Applies only if you have kids)
  2. Do not snowshoe in ski tracks. Do not ski in snowshoe tracks. Do not wear Hawaiian shirts.
  3. Always carry an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes water, food, snowshoes, extra-clothing and at least one Jack London novel.
  4. Offer to take at least one non-winter person on a snowshoe excursion. The object of this is to introduce non-members to the joy of winter. Some are hopeless, but they are easy to spot. Concentrate on those summer people with a notable conversion tendency.
  5. Members should not discuss Society Member business outside of the Winter People circle.

Take the pledge, and you’re admitted to the Redfeather Winter People Society.

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