Winter Camping Advice from BettyMtnGirl

BettyMountainGirl posted her list of Top 10 Winter Hiking Tips.  Her blog describes her rationale for each of these topics.

Bring Extras
Put Hot Water in your Water Bottle
Insulate your Water Bottle
Put your Water Bottle in Upside Down
Bring an Extra Camp Stove or Food
Avoid Getting too Hot
Undress Quickly
Start Early
Keep an Eye Out on the Summit
Abide by the Ten Most Common Hiking Rules

She also had a post on Why Winter Hike describing her rationale for these five items.

Less crowds
Less biking
The silence
More animal sightings
It’s harder

My experience is counter to her’s relative to animal sightings.  I rarely spot animals or see birds.  I will grant, however, that tracking animals in the snow is a unique joy.  Maybe if I was Tom Brown I could enjoy tracking through out the year, but I need a fresh cover of the snow to read tracks.

I like WinterCampers original Top 10 Reasons to Winter Camp

The Top Ten reasons to try winter camping:

10. Winter camping provides an excellent opportunity to hear 4 part snoring harmonies.

9. Winter camping provides a great excuse to buy the latest and greatest gear.

8. There is nothing like the aroma of lived in polypropylene.

7. It’s the only sure cure for cabin fever.

6. There is a comfortable satisfaction in knowing that you are the only one with 2
sleeping bags on a -15 degree night.

5. Wool is…”In.”

4. Down booties are more than just fashion statements.

3. It provides a good opportunity to catch up on one’s sleep by logging a solid 12 hours
of sleep during the 14 hours of darkness.

2. Two words….”Buttery Fleece.”

1. No bugs!


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