Best ways to ruin a winter camping trip

Being late to your rendezvous location.

Not contributing your fair share of  money / gear / food to the group adventure.

Forgetting an important piece of group gear (e.g. stove, matches, saw, tent poles, etc.)

Not consulting with your camping partners on  decisions or consulting but never using any of the other person’s ideas.

Carrying less than everyone else but complaining about the weight more than anyone else

Constantly comparing gear choices and extol yours over everyone else.

Critiquing your fellow campers on how they maintain the fire, set up the tent and/or cook.

Not doing your fair share of cutting wood.

Peeing or pooping too close to camp.

Complaining about the weather conditions, location, snoring, meals, etc..

Showing off, getting hurt as a result of your stunt, and then having everyone else take care of you

Snowshoeing way ahead of the group or way behind everyone else.

Sleeping late when everybody else gets up early.

Not enjoying the journey….


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