Post Trip Checklist

Here’s a checklist of tasks I try to do after I get home from a winter camping trip.

The first thing I do is make a note of items that I didn’t use and/or need to bring along.  I also try to make note of gear or clothing that met and/or exceeded my expectations.

Then it is on to the work of cleaning up:

  • Throw out all my accumulated trash.
  • Air out my sleeping bag and make sure it’s dry before storing un-stuffed in a large cardboard box.
  • Wash my dirty clothes.
  • Get all my outer clothes and footwear dry.
  • Hang up my tent/tarp and make sure it’s completely dry before storage.
  • Replenish any items used from my first aid kit, such as Ibuprofen supply.
  • Replenish my toilet kit with toilet paper, plastic bags and/or hand sanitizer if necessary.
  • Rinse out my water bottles and thermos.
  • Stash any uneaten leftover food or snacks for the next trip.
  • Store any unused fuel in a safe place and dispose of used fuel canisters.
  • Wash cooking gear and eating utensils.
  • Store everything away for the next trip.

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