Lunch While Dogsledding

Lunch time was a hurried affair on our dog sledding trip. Step one was finding a reasonably level stretch in the trail without a lot of trees or brush to entangle the teams.  We would set the snow anchor firmly and tip the sled over on top of the snow anchor to prevent the dogs from pulling it out.  One person would sit on the sled and hold / pet / talk to the lead dogs of the team in back of them.

Hot drinks (cocoa, hot cider, etc.) were doled out by walking down the line of four teams.  Similarly, granola bars and sandwiches were passed out along the line.  After only a few moments of rest the dogs were anxious to travel again; so there was little socializing.  With temperatures at 4F we didn’t want to sit around too long and get chilled.  Once re-fueled we righted the sled, loaded up, pulled out the snow anchors and were off again.


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