Seven First Aid Kit Options

A well-equipped first-aid kit is the foundation of any solid contingency plan. There are common elements found in each kit, but the contents should change to match where the kit will be stored and how it will be used. In order to figure out the essentials of the first-aid kit and which ones on the market are worth paying for, Popular Mechanics  spoke with Col. Ian Wedmore, the emergency medicine consultant to the surgeon general of the U.S. Army, and Myke Hawke, survival expert, author and founder of Specops, a survival training company made up of special operations veterans.

Their review describes seven options:

  • DIY Kit
  • Pocket-Size First Aid –
  • Off-the-Shelf and Disaster-Ready
  • Backpacking Kit
  • Automobile Kit
  • Boating First Aid
  • Non-Human First Aid

Read the entire article here.

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