Compelling Reasons To Go Winter Camping

As a supplement to our “You Might Be a Winter Camper If….” and Top 10 Reasons to Go Winter Camping series we have adapted  the New Nomads  list of 101 truly compelling reasons to do a long distance hike to fit the winter camping theme.  Here are more compelling reasons to go winter camping.

  1.  Create more empathy with the homeless
  2. Learn to accept help from others
  3. Learn how to balance a pack on skis/snowshoes while performing an icy water crossing
  4. Develop an admirable tolerance for cold toes
  5. Make yourself qualified to write a book / blog
  6. Join interesting group of people who are just as antisocial as you are
  7. It will make for an interesting blog topic
  8. Find yourself; find God; or find cool things left behind by those summer camping wimps
  9. Make peace with the voices in your head
  10. Learn how to protect your bag of trail mix or learn to share
  11. Be judged not by the amount of money you make, but by the warmth of your toes
  12. People just have to take your word for it when you tell them how much fun you had
  13. Become obsessed by idle thoughts of hot chocolate
  14. No reason \ nothing better to do
  15. Break your addiction to Facebook
  16. Release yourself from the claws of culture
  17. Ample meditation time during the 12 hours of darkness
  18. It provides an excuse to wear a red union suit with a back panel
  19. Breathe clean air
  20. Hot salty soup never tasted so good
  21. Become more in tune with a natural existence
  22. Restore your feeling of love for life
  23. Great opportunity to practice otherwise useless skills learned at scout camp
  24. No chance of drunk texting anyone
  25. Confront and overcome fears of the dark, animals, death, storms, and loneliness
  26. Fun
  27. Acquire an unflattering nickname based on a stranger’s perception of your primary qualities
  28. Develop strong leg muscles from snowshoeing
  29. Get that “look” in your eyes
  30. Give your mother a real reason to worry about you
  31. You can completely change your personality and blame it on “What happened out there.”
  32. Learn to appreciate the distinctions among brands of instant oatmeal
  33. Eat absolutely whatever you want with no ill effect
  34. Acquire winter camping stories
  35. Justify purchase of expensive winter clothing
  36. Take your mind off anything unpleasant going on in your life
  37. Learn perseverance
  38. Learn to read the night sky
  39. Gain survival confidence
  40. Redefine your standards for cleanliness, hunger, and entertainment

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