Survival Tips for Snowshoeing Enthusiasts

Snowshoeing is less expensive that skiing and can be a marvelous way to explore the outdoors during the winter. However, one needs to be prepared to deal with the dangers that can occur in the snow.

There are three major dangers that can occur to snowshoeing enthusiasts – sudden storms, avalanches, and injury. By being prepared and knowing how to deal with these situations, you will be better able to survive these situations if they occur. Snowshoe magazine has an article on Survival Tips for Snowshoeing Enthusiasts covering the following topics:

  • Inform others of your route, destination and plans
  • Selecting a  good camp site
  • Melt snow to stay hydrated
  • Build a snow cave or snow shelter
  • Brush snow from your clothes
  • Change out of you wet clothes
  • Keeping warm
  • Signaling for help
  • Know how to make a splint
  • Use trees for shelter and to signal for help
  • Building a wood fire in the snow

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