Choosing an Axe for Winter Camping

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4 comments to Choosing an Axe for Winter Camping

  • Have hot tents, like the Snowtrekker, ever caught on the Adirondacks and New England?

  • WinterCampers

    Other than fall hunting camps, I haven’t seen any hot tenting. There are lots of lean-tos for people to use and I think there is just a different philosophy. Having said that we frequently use a Kifaru Tipi with a woodstove.

  • Anthony P

    Just found the sight and really am enjoying it as I play in some of the same woods.

  • I’m originally from the Ithaca/Cortland area, but only winter camped a couple times until I came to MN in 1988 and then got a Snowtrekker tent on 2009. Makes ALL the difference in the world. That being said, I wish we had lean-tos like the Adks out here.