You might be a winter camper if….

We all know Jeff Foxworthy’s routine, “You might be a Redneck if…”.   The boys from made their own version of this theme.  You might be a Winter Camper if….

When friends ask if you “want to do something this weekend”, it usually involves freezing temperatures and snowshoes.
You have a closet or a whole room dedicated to gear storage.
Cooking breakfast utilizes boiling water and ziploc freezer bags.
More than 50% of your wardrobe is wicking.
Someone at work mentions gaiters and you are the only one that doesn’t immediately think of the animal.
You have caught an article of clothing on fire over an open flame more than once.
You like to go winter camping to catch up on your sleep.
You have seen all the Survivor Man shows.
Your dog is experienced enough not to step on your snowshoes or skis and has his/her own backpack.
You can expound upon the differences between various synthetic insulations.
Your watch does more things than just tell time.
You’ve skipped work or school because there was fresh snow.
You weigh your backpack before leaving the house.
Your collective camping gear costs more than your first car did.
Your IPod playlist includes a heavy rotation of SnowPatrol and Coldplay
When faced with a decision to go camping or do… anything else… you would go camping.
You prefer to start your grill with a flint and steel.
You have tried to make your own pulk.
You have more pictures of snowy vistas than family members.
You own seasonal gear such as down booties, and insulated overpants.
You own an oversized backpack you use just for winter.
Your winter vacations are spent in the Adirondacks and not in the Bahamas
Earned vacation days from work are taken a couple of days at a time during the winter.
All your vacation pictures have the color white in them.
You have woken up to have it snowing inside your tent.
When choosing a hat you pick one that would also be good to sleep in.
You have tried to sleep while listening to the sound of trees popping and prodigious snoring.
Drop seat long underwear make sense to you.
You think all cylindrical meats must be pre-cooked.
Your non winter camping friends think you are crazy.
Wearing layers has become an art form.
You don’t find the word crampon funny…or maybe you do.
You have walked at least a mile in frozen boots.
You get excited about losing electrical power during the winter because it provides an excuse to pull out the winter gear.

You need to break off your “snotcicles” before you can eat lunch.

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