Igloos and LNT

The NWHikers discussion forum has a debate going about Leave No Trace (LNT) and the use of igloos as winter camping shelters.  Should igloos be left up for subsequent use and/or natural decomposition?  Or should they be destroyed as an effort to leave no trace?  You can read the discussion here.

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2 comments to Igloos and LNT

  • I would leave it. I think back to when I was a kid and how excited I would have been to come across something like a quinzee, snow cave, or igloo. I work as a Naturalist now and do outdoor ed. for people of all ages and I teach a VERY loose interpretation of LNT because I fear it may do more harm than good. I let kids fill there pockets with acorns and leaves and rocks because that is what I did as a child and it shaped who I am today.

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