The Distinction Between Winter Peak Bagging and Winter Camping

Tom Murphy  makes an important distinction between winter camping, peak bagging and summer camping.  I especially like his summary line…..

Tom says…”I think the distinction between winter peak bagging and winter camping is very important.

You can finesse some of the equipment requirements by limiting where you go. For example, I hike in the winter using a pulk and I stay on valley trails below treeline. As a result, I can double up sleeping bags rather than buy a -20 deg F bag and I can use a “bomber” 3-three season tent rather than a 4-season tent.

On the other hand, I hike in the summer with my “heavy” white gas stove {SVEA 123R} because if you are going to buy only one stove, make sure it works in February.

Another thing I did was buy my son equipment with the idea that I might borrow it in the winter – so he has a CCF pad to compliment my insulated inflatable and a 15 deg down mummy bag that just happens to fit nicely into my 15 deg F syn semi-rectangular bag.

In the winter, I definitely hike in order to camp; the rest of the year I camp in order to hike….

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