How To Start Winter Camping: join experienced friends and/or hiking organizations

Join experienced friends and/or hiking organizations to learn winter camping skills.  There is no shame in learning from veterans and most experienced winter campers will love sharing their insights.

Search the internet for local outing clubs, online forums, and environmental organizations.  There are usually national organizations with local chapters (think NOLS or Boys Scouts) , regional clubs such as Appalachian Mountain Club and local ‘tramp and trail’ groups.  Most colleges sponsor an outing club and can help provide gear.

Ask sales representatives at a business that caters to outdoor recreation (e.g. REI, LLBean, Gander Mountain, Cabelas).  They often host workshops and clinics.

Attend a winter camping workshop such as Winter Camping Symposium or Winter Camping Rendezvous or a Okpik Winter Camping Training Course offered by the Boys Scouts.

Engage a commercial guide service either through a certification service (i.e. NYS Outdoor Guide Association) or directly with a commercial firm.

You can also use these contacts as a source to borrow your initial gear.

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