New Year’s Resolutions For Winter Campers

Adapted from TheNewNomads.

I will plan a winter camping trip for every month of the winter.
I will stop insisting that my loved ones participate in or listen to stories about winter camping.
I will endeavor to keep my gear purchases at least equivalent to if not less than my basic living purchases.
I will make a piece of winter camping gear and use it on a camping trip.
I will practice Leave No Trace and endeavor to leave the trails and campsite in better condition than I found them.
I will invite a novice on a winter camping trip and help outfit them to ensure they have a pleasurable experience.
I will offer to speak to local youth group about winter camping.
I will bushwhack on my next winter camping trip.
I will learn wilderness first aid.
I will share my passion for winter camping on a blog.
I will not criticize people who make gear choices that are different than mine.
I will take a child out in the snow and cook them a snack over an open fire.
I will stop eating gorp by the handful when I am not winter camping.
I will dehydrate more food.
I will not sled down a remote hill without securing some foam padding to the seat of it.
I will make peace with early morning winter camp breakdowns.
I will learn how to cook a meal more complex than skewering cylindrical meat on a stick and heating it over an open fire.
I will write poems, stories, blog posts, trip reports, and/or gear instructions from every winter camping trip.
I will pimp my pack.
I will bestow a winter camping gift to a friend.

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