Destination: Mount Blue!

It was easy and straight forward crossing over Garnett Lake. But as soon as we hit the shore line Mark pulled out the trail guide. Now I am all in favor of excessive planning but it is with some trepidation that we watched Mark consult the trail guide. Although Mark had been on many winter camping trips he was not known for organizing and planning any trips. His previous attempt at organizing resulted in the “The Much Anticipated Never Accomplished Rainbow Falls Trip“.

Mark wasn’t to be deterred, however, and he invited one of his best buddies, Jay, along with Scott, Scott’s canine companion Maddux and Jim.

While Mark shed his Beyond Fleece Steel Windshirt and consulted the trail guide Scott hydrated and kept an eye on Maddux. Jay decided to surreptitiously check his GPS Unit. Not that Jay would betray a trust in Mark, but hey it never hurts to measure twice.

OK, at least Mark is sure where we came from.

Mount Blue rises from a solid ledge from deep in Garnet Lake to a height of 2940′ with an elevation gain of ~1500′ from the lake.


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