Mount Blue: The Descent and Overnight

Mark, Jay, Scott, Maddux and Jim.

Once we got the requisite group photograph at the summit it was time to head back down Mount Blue, re-join our backpacks and hike the remainder of the trail to Lizard Pond lean-to. If the way up was steep and slippery and the way down was steeper and slipperier. Falls and slides were common with everyone partaking:

But no one got hurt and soon we re-joined our backpacks and made our way to the lean-to along Lizard Pond.

Dinner was served which for some was a freeze dried meal,

but for Maddux was dried dog food.

Afterwards we sat around a fire and talked until bed time.  This is one of the more pleasant aspects of winter camping.  Since it is dark early, there is lots of time to chat and tease and discuss future trips.

We settled into warm sleeping bags. This was possibly the maiden voyage for my Western Mountaineering winter sleeping bag – an extra long, over stuffed, over engineered Puma. I will write more on that in a separate gear review.

Mark was one of the first to arise. It was pleasant to lie warm in the sleeping bag and wake up.

In the morning the sun illuminated the hills across Lizard Pond.  After a quick breakfast we went out on Lizard Pond to enjoy the view.

Looking north across Lizard Pond to Crane Mountain in the distance.

We hiked out to our cars and searched for a convenient diner for our second breakfast. A nice trip.


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