How closely to you follow Leave No Trace?


The Leave No Trace Blog conducted a small poll; the basic question was: How closely to you follow Leave No Trace practices and techniques?  The four answer choices were:

1) I strictly follow Leave No Trace practices and even carry out my human waste.
2) I try to practice Leave No Trace to the best of my knowledge (and comfort level).
3) I don’t follow Leave No Trace practices. What I do in the backcountry is my business.
4) I am unfamiliar with Leave No Trace practices.

The most popular answer was #2.   Because it began more as a slogan before it became an educational program, Leave No Trace often gets confused with a strict set of rules or guidelines.

The truth is, anything you do to maintain the quality of the resource (and the experience of others in the outdoors) is practicing Leave No Trace.

The comfort and experience levels of everyone enjoying the outdoors varies greatly. In other words, the individual packing out his/her human waste camping next to the individual attempting to dig a cat-hole for the first time are both demonstrating a LNT outdoor ethic. Where do you all fit along the spectrum?


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