Winter Camping; The Morning After…

Everyone worries about sleeping warm during their winter camp out.  What about after your night’s snooze?  Consider these suggestions.

When you awake prolong your time in the sleeping bag as long as possible. Try to prepare a hot drink, eat your breakfast, get dressed and pack up to the extent possible while staying warm in your sleeping bag.

Roll the moisture out of your bag each morning when you get up as your fluffy sleeping bag is full of warm very moist air exuded from your body all night long. Without rolling out your sleeping bag that moisture will begin to condense on the insulation inside the bag and reduce its effectiveness for the next night.  Immediately squish all that warm moist air out of the bag as soon as you exit; compress it, let it expand, and compress it again. If weather permits set it out to dry.

Pack your inflatable sleeping pad by folding the mattress several times and sitting on it to get most of the air out, then start at the end and roll toward the valve, using your knee as pressure to keep it rolling tightly. Or alternatively fold mattress in half lengthwise, then fold again. Now sit on mattress and open the valve. When all the air is out, close the valve and roll up your mattress.

Packing nylon tents and stuff sacks can really cause your hands to get cold. Wear your gloves and mittens as much as possible to prevent frostbit.

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