Rob West’s Wool Sweater

I have gone on winter camping trips with Rob since January 2002. The picture below depicts Ian, Mark and Rob at a rest break during the hike into Puffer Pond.  Ian is hydrating, which is good, Mark is looking pretty chipper, and we can see Rob, although he has his back turned to us, modeling a grey/light tan wool sweater.


The wool sweater is a good choice.  It is warm, ventilates well, the color blends in with the environment, and it provides warmth with a shell over top.  Below Rob (seated 3rd from the right) is layered up, but you can see the wool sweater is still part of his outfit.


A couple months later we did another camping trip to Peaked Mountain and, again, Rob was wearing his wool sweater.


Fast forward seven years more years to January 2009.  We went camping at Dead Vly with Rob and, once again, his venerable wool sweater makes the trip.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever winter camped with Rob when he didn’t have his wool sweater.


When we camped at Cascade Lake in the late fall; temperatures were moderate and although he is slightly hidden behind Mark you can clearly see Rob wearing his grey wool sweater.  That’s over 10 years of winter camping usage for that same wool sweater!

I am always dragging different clothes on camping trips trying to find out what works best for me for those conditions. I admire Rob for his consistency. BTW, Rob does that sweater come in tall sizes?

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3 comments to Rob West’s Wool Sweater

  • I have a wool sweater that I’ve been using since 1988. Same one.

    Nothing like wool, make sure it’s pure wool if your using it for socks, the itchy kind, no elastic and not treated for washing. With sweaters you can be a little more flexible, but pure, itchy wool is still the warmest in my opinion.

  • These wool sweaters may be great, but I think I am a more of a spring or summer camper. Looks way too cold for me! I give you guys a lot of credit, beautiful scenery and cool hikes…and you don’t need to worry about the bears!

    Nice! I still think I’ll stick with the warmer weather though.

  • Rob West

    why mess with evolution? Have you ever seen a sheep or alpaca that looked cold? Jim, why no mention of the wool pants I have been wearing for the same amount of time. Long Live Wool!