Learning to Winter Camp

From Section Hiker “For day hikers,  I think the most important things to learn on practice hikes are:

1. How to regulate body temperature by layering or adjusting walking speed.
2. Understanding what it feels like to be too hot or too cold.
3. Having the confidence to stop a hiking partner so that you can remove or add a layer.
4. How to adjust the straps of your backpack as the weight or bulk of your load changes.
5. Getting into the habit of drinking and snacking frequently to keep your energy level up.
6. Understanding how to thermoregulate when it starts to rain.
7. Learning how to deal with and prevent wet glasses in a rain shower.
8. Learning to feel hot spots in your boots and take care of them before they turn into blisters.
9. Understanding how your feet react to wet boots and how to prevent blisters anyway.
10. Finding the right undergarments that prevent thigh chafing and how to cure it if it occurs.
11. How to pack a backpack so that it’s comfortable for you to carry.”

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