Survival Kit

I have a survival kit that I take on canoe trips and some adventures.  On our latest winter camping venture we got talking about doing a ‘survival overnight’.  The idea would be to camp out overnight with minimal gear.  How minimal was the topic of most of the discussion.  Doing the trip somewhere safe where someone could bail out if necessary was another discussion.

A starting point for an overnight survival kit would probably include most of these items.

A water tight plastic Ovaltine bottle to store 16 items.

  • Four fire starters: box matches, a Bic lighter, Fire Steel fire starter and matches with an emery board in a pill prescription bottle.
  • Two fire tinder sources: cotton balls swabbed with Vaseline and WetFire tablets.
  • Alcohol hand cleaner (can also serve as fire starter)
  • Iodine water treatment tablets
  • Micro cordage
  • A Leatherman Squirt multi-tool
  • A whistle
  • Compass
  • Toilet paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Emergency poncho
  • Emergency space blanket

Everything fits inside the bottle and stays dry.

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3 comments to Survival Kit

  • WinterCampers

    I think I can add a lip balm or chap stick to the kit – maybe a small travel tube of sunscreen

  • This looks like a great little survival kit. Using this kit for an overnight campout sounds like a great idea for an adventure, but I don’t think I could get anyone in my family to agree to it. Perhaps a group of Scouts would do this as long as they were able to bring with them their usual candy and treats.

  • I always included fire starters in my survival kits, but I hadn’t thought about including aluminum foil or hand cleaner. I really like the idea to include some sort of leatherman/multi-tool, and of course you want to include some toilet paper (for the real emergencies, right?). I’ve been looking at prepping a new survival kit for an upcoming trip and this was a great reminder for me. Thanks for sharing!