When Is It ‘Winter Camping’ ?

Winter is associated with migration, hibernation, changes in animal behavior, plants becoming dormant, and humans experiencing special health concerns ranging from hypothermia to seasonal depression. Winter even invokes its own special vocabularies to describe the conditions (e.g. black ice, whiteouts, and corn snow). Descriptions of winter camping depend on geographic location, opportunities to go camping […]

A Ruffed Grouse’s Kieppe

Ruffed grouse require a specific combination of habitats to survive. They live in mature deciduous forests that include nearby stands of poplars or birches. During most of the year, they eat the buds and twigs of these trees. They roost in coniferous trees when they’re available, but they also roost in large deciduous trees.

In […]

Snow Walkers Rendezvous 2017 Presentations

1. Willem Lange – Author, Vermont Public Radio Commentator, New Hampshire Public Television host, and an Intrepid Winter Traveler ~ Readings http://willemlange.com 2. Jon Turk – “Crocodiles and Ice” Jon has kayaked across the North Pacific and around Cape Horn, mountain biked through the Gobi desert, made first climbing ascents of big walls on […]

Ten Basic Rules for Adventure

Brendan Leonard put together a list of tips and ideas published in Outside Magazine to help people 1) Stay alive and 2) Not piss off their friends. The 10 topic areas are:

Get Your Priorities in Order: don’t die, have fun, get to the summit/campsite/lunch spot/waterfall/whatever Avoid Failing to Plan Avoid Just Hoping Someone Will […]


A Chionophile is any organism that can thrive in cold, snowy winter conditions. But it can also be used to describe a person who loves cold wintry weather – (“a snow lover”).

Sleeping Warm While Winter Camping

Staying warm at night while you are winter camping is crucial to a successful trip. This discussion covers the components of a winter camping sleeping system, preparation steps before sleeping, using external heat sources, dressing for sleep, personal variations, adjustments during the night and the morning after.

Components Of A Sleeping System

1. Sleeping pads