New Snowshoes

After 22 years of use I finally wore out my Atlas 1033 snowshoes. I don’t feel too bad about it, in fact, I am a little proud of the fact I have worn them out. Last year I wore out the deck wrap on the tail of the right shoe and got it repaired […]

You might be a WinterCamper if

You might be a WinterCamper if……weekend weather forecast calls for freezing temperatures and additional snow so you pack an extra tarp, spare wool socks and go anyway because they know you have the whole place to yourself and it will be glorious….

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Building a Reflector Fire

A reflector fire is really any fire that has some sort of flat surface behind it to direct the heat back out past the fire. This surface is erected behind the fire and pointed, for example, at the face of a tent, lean-to or other shelter.

This back reflector can be made out of […]

Space Blankets

First developed by NASA in 1964 for the US space program, space blankets consist of a thin sheet of plastic coated with a metallic reflecting agent which reflects up to 97% of radiated heat. Many campers have a space blanket in their emergency kit, however, few have ever used one.

Space blankets are not […]

Survival Kit

I have a survival kit that I take on canoe trips and some adventures. On our latest winter camping venture we got talking about doing a ‘survival overnight’. The idea would be to camp out overnight with minimal gear. How minimal was the topic of most of the discussion. Doing the trip somewhere safe where […]

Snow Fleas (Springtails)

Snow fleas (springtails) are so called because they are observed jumping about on the surface of snow on a warm winter day, often near trees. Adults are 1–2 mm long and their dark color makes them appear as specks that have been compared ashes scattered on the snow.

The snow flea is able to […]