Stoves for Winter Camping has a great article entitled “How to Choose a Backpacking Stove”. The article addresses factors such as fuel types used, fuel availability, weight and fuel efficiency, speed of cooking, cooking needs, starting and long term costs, cold weather performance, ease of use, safety and health concerns, personal preference, environmental/eco concerns, and ability to build […]

Canister Stoves for Winter Camping

Canister stoves typically see a decline in performance in cold weather. During burning the fuel inside the canister evaporates, causing the canister to cool. Moisture in the air will condense or freeze on the outside of the canister further chilling the gas inside the canister. The temperature inside the canister can drop to a point […]

Freezer Bag Cooking

Freezerbag cooking is ideal for winter camping. It’s lightweight because you prepare all your dried ingredients at home and prepackage them in Ziploc bags.

You only need a single pot to boil water in, enough fuel to boil the water, and a fabric cozy for your bagged meal (a spare garment will work in […]