Lightening Your Winter Camping Load

It may be stating the obvious but the ultralight concept just isn’t a viable option for winter camping conditions. I can’t imagine anyone venturing out with an uber-light pack and expecting to have a safe and enjoyable experience. You need extra insulation and food especially if you are going to spend more than one night […]

Backpacks for Winter Camping

Internal frame packs tend to be better for winter use. They have a lower center of gravity and hug your body better. When skiing or snowshoeing, the weight moves more with your body allowing for greater freedom of movement.

To carry all the winter gear for a multi-day trip (large sleeping bag, lots of […]

A Review of Two Monster Packs for Winter Camping

Our friends over at EasternSlopes publish articles covering a range of snow sports. Recently David Shedd published a review of two monster packs: Osprey Argon 110 & Kelty Red Cloud 6650 suitable for winter camping.

With the trend towards go-light camping many transitioning hikers are not cognizant of the bulk (and weight) necessary for winter […]