Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to

The Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to is located in the northeastern Catskills and is easily accessible from the Prediger Road Trailhead or the Platte Clove Road Trailhead. This route, along the Long Path from Platte Clove, is approximately a mile shorter and at 1.1 miles in one direction, makes for quick access and an easy to intermediate […]

DIY Tyvek Bivy

I had a couple of pieces of 9′ Tyvek left over from the home remodeling that I wanted to experiment with for camping applications. I took a piece to use as a ground cloth in my megamid tipi when we winter camped on Peaked Mountain and it worked well.

A bivy can keep your […]

Len and the one night bivvy

A few years ago, on a trip to John Pond, Len decided to skip sleeping in the crowded lean-to with Matt, Mark, Rob, Ian and Sparky as he had a new bivy try out.

Below Len gets some help from Ian in setting it up.

Len set up his bivy on the fringe of […]

Winter Camping at Dead Vly

Our initial plan was to camp on the shores of Buckhorn Lake, also known as Fiddler’s Lake, which is located in the southern Adirondacks. It was a convenient meeting area for campers coming from Holland Patent, Barneveld, Sprakers, Carlisle and East Berne. Skip and I arrived 1st with the intent of scouting for a diner […]