“Dirty Version” Oatmeal Pancakes for Winter Camping

The Dirty Gourmet tries to inspire gourmet outdoor cooking by providing easy camping recipes and ideas. Their “dirty version” of a recipe is the pared down version that is more suitable for trips where refrigeration or weight is an issue, such as backpacking. They recently went winter camping in Yosemite Valley and made oatmeal pancakes […]

A yummy winter camping breakfast

Don has all the basics of a good winter camping breakfast: a hot beverage and cooked meat. More importantly, he brought enough to share! Thanks, Don.

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A snowy cook fire

There were a “few” snowflakes in the air as we made a cook fire against this huge boulder. The meal that night was Brats – easy to prepare and no clean-up.

The Sawvivor saw can be seen hanging from the tree. Two thumbs up for the Sawvivor!

Below Mark, Len, Jason, Rob and […]