Winter camping with your dog

Thinking of taking your dog winter camping with you? Here are some recent suggestions of items to bring and suggestions to make the experience more pleasant for you and your pet.

A back pack doubles as a harness which gives control on a leash. The bag should be large enough for your dog’s frame […]

Do you camp with your dog?

I have gone winter camping with other members that bring their dogs. The dog carried some of his own food and slept in the lean-to at night.

To date I haven’t brought our dog winter camping even though as a Bernese Mountain Dog he would seem well suited for an overnight in the cold. Our […]

Dog Clothing for Winter Camping has written about winter camping with your dog in past posts. In addition to the advice offered by Scott in that posting you might consider dog wear.

The Ruff Wear Climate Changer is a Polartec Classic 200 recycled fleece great for dogs in cold conditions. The Climate Changer is lightweight, breathes, dries quickly, […]

Hypothermia In Your Dog

If you decide to take your dog on a winter walk in the snow or camping overnight there are some things to consider, especially if the temperatures are low. Central Veterinary Emergency Services posted an article recognizing, preventing and treating hypothermia in your dog.