Books About Winter Camping

Useful books about winter camping include:

Allen & Mike’s Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book, Allen O’Bannon Backcountry Skier, Jean Vives Hypothermia, Frostbite, and Other Cold Injuries: Prevention, Recognition and Pre-Hospital Treatment, James A. Wilkerson NOLS Winter Camping, Buck Tilton Okpik: Cold-Weather Camping Paradise Below Zero: The Classic Guide to Winter Camping, Calvin Rutstrum Secrets of […]

ADK-46ers Outdoor Skills Workshop

I am attended an Outdoor Skills Workshop sponsored by ADK 46-ers at the Adirondak Loj in Lake Placid. It was an intensive weekend workshop designed to train individuals involved in leading groups (e.g. Camp counselors, Y-leaders, scout leaders, 4-H leaders, recreation personnel, teachers) on wilderness camping trips. Topics covered included: Pre-trip planning and […]

What can you learn from winter camping?

Tim Jones over at EasternSlopes had some pithy items in one of his articles “Lessons From A First (Winter) Campout”.

Read the article, but I extracted the lessons taught by Winter Camping as individual items.

We are all essentially responsible for ourselves and we all need to carry our fair share. Sometimes long-term benefits outweighs […]

Learn Leave No Trace Principles On Your Desktop

Leave No Trace (LNT) has an online awareness course that you can take using your computer. The course

Covers the seven principles of LNT Helps recognize visitor created impacts in recreational areas Describes the history of LNT and the mission of the Center for Outdoor Ethics Identifies key programs through the LNT Center […]

Roundtable Discussion of Winter Hiking and Camping

BackPackingLight offers podcasts on a variety of backpacking topics with an emphasis on traveling light. I found this podcast discussion on winter camping. You can hear the podcast here. They also have a companion article to the podcast which stresses key points which you can read here or here:

Keeping warm without getting wet Eat, […]

Winter Camping Symposium

The 13th Annual Winter Camping Symposium will be held Oct. 27-30th 2011 at Pinewoods Retreat at Camp Miller has posted their schedule of events. Winter campers and enthusiasts from around Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota come together to share ideas and show off new creations which aid in the adventures of winter outdoor activities.

Activities range […]