Types of Campfires

TEEPEE FIRE: This is probably the most basic of fire designs. It is often used as a starter upon which bigger, longer-lasting fires are founded. It’s also a great fire for a quick warm-up or water-boiling snack break. This fire uses mostly kindling, but larger teepees can be created by adding larger logs vertically to […]

Magnesium Fire Starter

Both Matt and I have carried these magnesium fire starters on many camping trips and decided that a little practice would be in good order. If you are not familiar with the device it is basically a block of magnesium with a flint rod embedded within the block. One shaves off slices of magnesium and […]

How to Build a Heat Reflector for a Cold Weather Fire

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Fire Styles for Winter Campers

The purpose of a fire – reflected heat, quick or long cooking or merely aesthetics – dictates the appropriate style. Four common styles are tepee, reflector, log cabin and top down.

Tepee Fire

For a no-hassle fire, use the classic tepee method: In the middle of your foundation, sandwich a handful of loose tinder between […]

Building a fire in the winter

Build a winter campfire using these components:

The Platform. Step 1 is paying attention to base the fire is going to sit on. Whether you are trying to promote Leave No Trace techniques and establishing a protection layer between the fire and the ground or shielding the fire from dampness or trying to keep it […]

Picture: Winter Camping Nighttime Campfire

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