Building a Reflector Fire

A reflector fire is really any fire that has some sort of flat surface behind it to direct the heat back out past the fire. This surface is erected behind the fire and pointed, for example, at the face of a tent, lean-to or other shelter.

This back reflector can be made out of […]

Types of Campfires

TEEPEE FIRE: This is probably the most basic of fire designs. It is often used as a starter upon which bigger, longer-lasting fires are founded. It’s also a great fire for a quick warm-up or water-boiling snack break. This fire uses mostly kindling, but larger teepees can be created by adding larger logs vertically to […]

Magnesium Fire Starter

Both Matt and I have carried these magnesium fire starters on many camping trips and decided that a little practice would be in good order. If you are not familiar with the device it is basically a block of magnesium with a flint rod embedded within the block. One shaves off slices of magnesium and […]

How to Build a Heat Reflector for a Cold Weather Fire

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Fire Styles for Winter Campers

The purpose of a fire – reflected heat, quick or long cooking or merely aesthetics – dictates the appropriate style. Four common styles are tepee, reflector, log cabin and top down.

Tepee Fire

For a no-hassle fire, use the classic tepee method: In the middle of your foundation, sandwich a handful of loose tinder between […]

Building a fire in the winter

Build a winter campfire using these components:

The Platform. Step 1 is paying attention to base the fire is going to sit on. Whether you are trying to promote Leave No Trace techniques and establishing a protection layer between the fire and the ground or shielding the fire from dampness or trying to keep it […]