Break Time takes a break at the trail intersection between John Pond and Puffer Pond.

Break time is used to add or subtract layers of clothing- usually subtracting if you are snowshoeing in and carrying a backpack. On the far right Cousin Don is shedding his sweater. Rob (red backpack) and Jason (blue backpack) have lashed


“Dirty Version” Oatmeal Pancakes for Winter Camping

The Dirty Gourmet tries to inspire gourmet outdoor cooking by providing easy camping recipes and ideas. Their “dirty version” of a recipe is the pared down version that is more suitable for trips where refrigeration or weight is an issue, such as backpacking. They recently went winter camping in Yosemite Valley and made oatmeal pancakes […]

Breakfast for Winter Camping

Instant oatmeal is a cheap and nutritious backcountry camping breaskfast. Made up of ground oat groats precooked and dried, instant oatmeal requires only boiling water and provides a considerable quantity of carbohydrates for energy burning. According to studies reported by, the soluble fibers found in instant oatmeal may also improve your overall health by […]