New England OverShoes (NEOS) for Winter Camping

NEOS (New England Over Shoes) have several models of light weight 500 Denier Cordura nylon overshoes with a snow shoe compatible heel and a Vibram sole. They make both insulated or uninsulated versions. The overshoes add 20F to everyday footwear and the insulated models add 40F. NEOS are 100% waterproof which means that they don’t […]

Water proof/breathable vs. Waxed Boots

WATERPROOF-BREATHABLE – 100 percent waterproof boots have a membrane such as Gore-Tex or eVent inside. A waterproof-breathable membrane keeps water out while letting sweat escape through one-way pores. The catch: most waterproof breathable boots sandwich a membrane between a liner and a leather and/or fabric upper. Wet out the upper, and the membrane can’t wick […]


It may not seem intuitive, but wearing 2 pair of socks is an effective method for wicking moisture away from your feet to keep your feet warm and prevent blisters. Not two hiking socks, but rather a synthetic or wool liner and a thick synthetic or wool outer sock.

Liner Socks: Wearing a liner sock […]