Jell-O Hot Drinks

Jell-O gelatin mix makes a great hot drink. Just add it to hot water.

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Keeping your water bottle from freezing

First, start with a good water bottle that won’t leak. Use a water bottle specifically designed to withstand both freezing and boiling temperatures. This way you can pour boiling water into your bottle without it softening and collapsing the plastic.

Use water bottles or water bladders with a very wide mouth. The wide mouth inhibits […]

Staying hydrated while winter camping

Snowshoeing is strenuous exercise and one will likely sweat despite the low temperatures-especially if carrying a heavy winter backpack.

Heavy exertion in cold, dry air uses up to 2-4 quarts/liters of water per day. Pack plenty of water and stay hydrated by drinking often. If you wait till you are thirsty you are already dehydrated, […]