Building An Igloo With Wet Snow

Snow shelters such as igloos, snow caves and quinzees other an alternative to tents for winter campers. Snow shelters are quieter and offer the benefit of warmth, as body heat causes temperatures to rise in the cozy interior.

In the article “How to build an igloo with West Coast style” Jackie Christie reports on a […]

Snow Shelter Comparisons

Snow is a very good insulator that keeps heat in and the cold out. Snow also is a very effective windbreak – if your shelter is constructed so that the snow you use doesn’t blow away in the wind.

Quinzee: Fairly quick to build but does require a fair amount of energy to construct. Build […]

Thanksgiving In An Igloo

Igloo Ed, founder of Grand Shelter and inventor of the Icebox Igloo Maker, spent Thanksgiving in an igloo. He has great pictures of his trip. I included four below.

Ed’s Thanksgiving Dinner – which looks a little different (and probably healthier) than mine.

His igloo shelter which he built a couple weeks earlier.