Looking down at the lean-to on John Pond

A beautiful climb presents this view of the lean-to at John Pond.

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Winter Camping in Adirondack Lean-to

There are benefits to winter camping in an Adirondack Lean-to. Foremost, is that you don’t have to carry your shelter with you. They are spacious; although each lean-to can be different typically there is adequate room for 5. The lean-to provides a level, dry platform for changing clothes, setting up a stove, mixing food, or […]

Wake Up Sleepy Pete….

Solo Pete doesn’t often share an abode with others, but on this trip to Chimney Mountain he shared a lean-to with others and wasn’t the 1st to arise. Pete has all the essentials handy – leather gloves, boots, baseball cap, water bottle for quenching that late night thirst and, of course, the lean-to log book […]