Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to

The Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to is located in the northeastern Catskills and is easily accessible from the Prediger Road Trailhead or the Platte Clove Road Trailhead. This route, along the Long Path from Platte Clove, is approximately a mile shorter and at 1.1 miles in one direction, makes for quick access and an easy to intermediate […]

Looking down at the lean-to on John Pond

A beautiful climb presents this view of the lean-to at John Pond.

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Winter Camping in Adirondack Lean-to

There are benefits to winter camping in an Adirondack Lean-to. Foremost, is that you don’t have to carry your shelter with you. They are spacious; although each lean-to can be different typically there is adequate room for 5. The lean-to provides a level, dry platform for changing clothes, setting up a stove, mixing food, or […]