Winter Poo – Pack it out

What to do, with your winter poo? In spring, the poo, once hidden from view, becomes exposed and soon contaminates nearby waterways.

In winter, it’s best to pack it out, otherwise, you’re leaving behind frozen waste for the next visitors. Leave No Trace (LNT) outlines three options for solid waste, in order of preference.

Pack […]

Winter Poo Kit

Andy, from Lupine Adventure Cooperative , wrote in to provide the details of his own winter poo kit.

His kit consists of

Newspaper: Lay out a square of newspaper and do your business on it. Toilet Paper: You know what to do with that Cigarette Lighter: You may want to burn your used toilet paper […]

Winter Camping Poo: Pack it out

What to do with your Winter Camping poo? If you don’t have the luxury of portable toilets near your activity area, you’ll need to consider how to best dispose of human waste. The soil is usually several feet out of reach and hard as a rock unless you can locate a patch of bare ground […]