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Winter, and the sledding is easy

Sometimes it is nice to know in advance that the trail will be level, smooth and possibly re-packed by skiers. That’s the time to load up your sled and make the trip in a little easier.

No one had XC skied on the trail recently, but there was a firm base underneath somewhere.


Toboggans, Snow Sleds and Pulks

Frankly I have mixed experiences using sleds to transport winter camping gear. In the right circumstances a sled offers advantages over backpacking. It easy way to move a lot of gear – up to 18,000 cubic inches and 200+ lbs – more than one can comfortably stash in a backpack. So if you are […]

Make Your Own Pulk

We have talked about alternatives for transporting your winter camping gear such as backpacks, sleds, toboggons and pulks. We have used and reviewed commercial pulks. You can easily build your own pulk – there are lots of DIY instruction sets online. Backpacking North just published another set using Ed Bouffard’s SkiPulk.com instructions. If you are […]

Removable Pulk Sled Poles

I recently began using a new pulk sled, the Pelican Snow Trek 60. The first task was to build some sort of pole system for pulling the pulk sled. This inexpensive system works very well. […]

A Review of Ed’s Wilderness Systems Snow Clipper Pulk

A pulk (from Finnish pulkka; Scandinavian for a low-slung sled) is used to carry supplies or transport a child over snow. In the right circumstances a pulk offers advantages over backpacking. It is an easy way to move a lot of gear; more gear than one can comfortably stash in a backpack. So if you […]

Rulksack / Pulk Combo

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a light pulk strapped onto your pack so you could instantly to switch back and forth between pack and pulk? This approach allows you to pull when there is a smooth and level trail and quickly switch to backpack mode in rough or wooded terrain.

Jörgen Johansson built a […]