Sleeping Warm

This is a well done video discussing all the factors going into sleeping warm.

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Sleeping bag liners

A sleeping bag liner serves as an insulating layer inside a sleeping bag, it provides a layer of protection between your body and any water bottles or clothes you include in your sleeping bag at night and they keep your sleeping bag clean from dirt and body oils. A sleeping bag liner might consist of […]

Waking up in the Tipi

We took our Kifari Tipi on our Ely, MN dog sledding winter camping trip. While some people slept in quinzees….

others just spread their bivys and sleeping bags out on the snow…..

the rest of us slept inside a warm tipi with the woodstove

causing us to ponder – why would they […]

Sleeping Bag Liners

I routinely use a silk sleeping bag liner inside all my sleeping bags for both comfort and warmth.

A sleeping bag liner adds warmth. It can add several degrees of warmth to your bag depending on the fabric, which allows one to buy a lighter bag but still get the temperature rating of a heavier […]

Setting Up The Tipi

We often ‘hot tent’ using a Kifaru Tipi. The set up process involves clearing a large area of snow – or at least leveling the snow as much as possible.

Then we stake out the tent.

Insert the center pole and lift the Tipi.

Setting up the wood stove and chimney.


Sleeping Pads for Winter Camping

Carol D commented on our post about down filled sleeping pads.

“I have owned a Downmat 9 for a couple of years and agree that they are WAY more comfortable than even the thickest Thermarest. However, camping in snow is problematic and the Downmat itself is NOT warm enough. My husband tried it the first […]