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Snow Caves And Other Shelters

This is an article by Ernest Wilkinson from the Mother Earth News Issue # 078 – November/December 1982. Touted as “Learn how to build safe, snug snow caves and other havens in winter wilderness, plus helpful information on winter camping. “ From http://www.motherearthnews.com/Do-It-Yourself/1982-11-01/Snow-Caves-and-Other-Shelters.aspx

During the winter in the northern Rockies, one […]

Snow Shelter Comparisons

The Ontario Preppers Network believes that the ability to use snow effectively for shelter in the winter is the single most important skill anyone who spends time outdoors can posses. Their post compares the three main shelter designs that work well in winter and all require the use of snow.

Snow is a very good […]

Snow camping: Once you try building an ice shelter, you just may dig it

Karen Sykes wrote an article for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer entitled “Snow camping: Once you try building an ice shelter, you just may dig it”. The article consists of three parts; the beauty of winter camping, shelter options including snow caves, igloos and tents, and finally some general tips for getting started winter camping. Read the […]