Snow Shelter Comparisons

The Ontario Preppers Network believes that the ability to use snow effectively for shelter in the winter is the single most important skill anyone who spends time outdoors can posses. Their post compares the three main shelter designs that work well in winter and all require the use of snow.

Snow is a very good […]


A quinzee (also quinhzee) is a combination of an igloo and a snow cave. Quinzees are suitable in marginal snow conditions, or when a crust is not available for igloos, or when there is not enough deep packed snow for a snow cave. On the flip side a quinzee won’t last an entire winter season […]

Building An Igloo With Wet Snow

Snow shelters such as igloos, snow caves and quinzees other an alternative to tents for winter campers. Snow shelters are quieter and offer the benefit of warmth, as body heat causes temperatures to rise in the cozy interior.

In the article “How to build an igloo with West Coast style” Jackie Christie reports on a […]

Snow Trench Design

According to the US Army Cold Weather Survival Manual: “The idea behind a snow trench shelter is to get you below the snow and wind level and use the snow’s insulating qualities. If you are in an area of compacted snow, cut snow blocks and use them as overhead cover. If not, you can use […]

Liz & Brad Build Snow Shelters

Liz & Brad at Liz and Brad’s Big Adventures went camping at Mount Hood this past weekend and found the snow conditions good for building a snow cave and an igloo. Man! They must like to move snow. Check out their pictures and report.