Snow Caves And Other Shelters

This is an article by Ernest Wilkinson from the Mother Earth News Issue # 078 – November/December 1982. Touted as “Learn how to build safe, snug snow caves and other havens in winter wilderness, plus helpful information on winter camping. “ From

During the winter in the northern Rockies, one [...]

Snow Shelter Comparisons

Snow is a very good insulator that keeps heat in and the cold out. Snow also is a very effective windbreak – if your shelter is constructed so that the snow you use doesn’t blow away in the wind.

Quinzee: Fairly quick to build but does require a fair amount of energy to construct. Build [...]

Winter Camping Shelter Alternatives

Winter camping shelter options are numerous to include:

snow shelters such as quinzees, snow caves and igloos, pre-existing structures such as lean-tos, tents such as hot/cold tents, hammocks, four season tents, tipis, tarps and bivy sacks,

each with their own tradeoffs.





Lean-To Three sided roofed enclosure with [...]

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Snow Trench Design

According to the US Army Cold Weather Survival Manual: “The idea behind a snow trench shelter is to get you below the snow and wind level and use the snow’s insulating qualities. If you are in an area of compacted snow, cut snow blocks and use them as overhead cover. If not, you can use [...]