Snowshoeing Boots

How to tell if you’ve got authentic snowshoeing boots? Look for a little lip on the heel. This extension keeps the rear binding from slipping down over your heel. It performs a similar function if you wear a traction device such as ice cleats.

Do your boots have one?

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Snowshoeing as Exercise

“Snowshoeing is way better than running. You’re lifting something heavier than a running shoe…and the effort required is greater. For the same distance and terrain, the workout is far superior.” Snowshoeing is an aerobic exercise relies on the body’s consumption of oxygen. By definition, it involves the repetitive use of the body’s large muscle groups; […]

Green Mtn Club’s Snowshoe Festival

The Green Mountain Club’s 14th Annual Snowshoe Festival will be held Saturday February 6, 2010

Bring friends and family for an invigorating day of free snowshoe demos, guided snowshoe hikes to local peaks and trails, workshops, nature walks, gear displays, raffle, hot chocolate, and more. Demo snowshoes available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Special […]