The Visible Snowshoer

God forbidden one fall down in the snow, unable to get up and have to wait for rescue. If that is the case it is best to be attired in bright clothing.

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Snowshoeing Boots

How to tell if you’ve got authentic snowshoeing boots? Look for a little lip on the heel. This extension keeps the rear binding from slipping down over your heel. It performs a similar function if you wear a traction device such as ice cleats.

Do your boots have one?

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Colin Fletcher said, “Snowshoes allow you to travel (sweating hard, but sinking less than a foot at every step) across snow into which you would otherwise go on sinking forever if God had not arranged that human legs eventually converge.” From: The Complete Walker IV.

You get three major advantages from a snowshoe: floatation, traction […]

Snowshoes or Skis

I recall setting out with two companions on a spring time trip in the hopes of climbing Cat Mountain in the Adirondacks. Day one involved a hike into a lean-to near Cranberry Lake where we left our backpacks. Since there was no snow cover we left our snowshoes as well. However, as the elevation got […]

Toboggans, Snow Sleds and Pulks

Frankly I have mixed experiences using sleds to transport winter camping gear. In the right circumstances a sled offers advantages over backpacking. It easy way to move a lot of gear – up to 18,000 cubic inches and 200+ lbs – more than one can comfortably stash in a backpack. So if you are […]

Snowshoes or Skis

Skis and snowshoes both facilitate travel in deep snow conditions. You can go almost anywhere on snowshoes that you’d go on skis — just slower. The snowshoes’ shorter length helps you fit into small spaces that won’t accommodate skis, but snowshoes aren’t constructed to control a speedy downhill descent like skis are. Despite their […]