Snowshoeing Boots

How to tell if you’ve got authentic snowshoeing boots? Look for a little lip on the heel. This extension keeps the rear binding from slipping down over your heel. It performs a similar function if you wear a traction device such as ice cleats.

Do your boots have one?

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Colin Fletcher said, “Snowshoes allow you to travel (sweating hard, but sinking less than a foot at every step) across snow into which you would otherwise go on sinking forever if God had not arranged that human legs eventually converge.” From: The Complete Walker IV.

You get three major advantages from a snowshoe: floatation, traction […]

Snowshoes or Skis

I recall setting out with two companions on a spring time trip in the hopes of climbing Cat Mountain in the Adirondacks. Day one involved a hike into a lean-to near Cranberry Lake where we left our backpacks. Since there was no snow cover we left our snowshoes as well. However, as the elevation got […]

Toboggans, Snow Sleds and Pulks

Frankly I have mixed experiences using sleds to transport winter camping gear. In the right circumstances a sled offers advantages over backpacking. It easy way to move a lot of gear – up to 18,000 cubic inches and 200+ lbs – more than one can comfortably stash in a backpack. So if you are […]

Snowshoes or Skis

Skis and snowshoes both facilitate travel in deep snow conditions. You can go almost anywhere on snowshoes that you’d go on skis — just slower. The snowshoes’ shorter length helps you fit into small spaces that won’t accommodate skis, but snowshoes aren’t constructed to control a speedy downhill descent like skis are. Despite their […]

Redfeather’s Winter People Society

Redfeather Snowshoes has a sense of humor and it shines through in their invitation for you to join its Winter People Society. The society’s pledge:

As a winter person I do hereby happily pledge to uphold the standards of the Society. To pray for snow, no matter what my religious beliefs. To smile in the […]