Snowshoeing Gaiters

As an avid snowshoer I know how important gaiters are to keeping snow from slipping in-between your pants and the top of your boots. Snow gaiters can keep both your pants and feet dry when you snowshoe in the deep stuff.

Gaiters for snowshoeing are usually longer than hiking gaiters and typically extend up near […]

Benefits of Snowshoeing

Over the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in snowshoeing, with participation up 43% from 2006 to 2009, according to the latest SIA Intelligence Report. This growth reflects a shift toward affordable, healthy recreational activity.

Did You Know…

46% of snowshoers are women 12% of snowshoers are children aged 7-17 55% of snowshoers […]

Snowshoes or Skis

Skis and snowshoes both facilitate travel in deep snow conditions. You can go almost anywhere on snowshoes that you’d go on skis — just slower. The snowshoes’ shorter length helps you fit into small spaces that won’t accommodate skis, but snowshoes aren’t constructed to control a speedy downhill descent like skis are. Despite their […]

Face-Saving Ways to Buy Resting Time When Snowshoeing With Someone Who Is More Fit Than You

Adapted from TheNewNomads.

We have all been in the situation of being on a snowshoe excursion with someone who is more experienced than us, more fit than us, didn’t drink as much as us the night before, or just seems hell bent on flying across the terrain. You can’t perform as impressively, yet you love […]

What goes up……

Most times when we think of snowshoeing in the winter we envision a landscape that looks like this…..

However, more and more of our explorations involve scaling some small vista and as they say what goes up….must come down. And not always in the most graceful manner.

Below is a sequence from a steep […]

Snowshoeing Lesson Plan

Polk County Conservation (Iowa) has an education program that includes teaching people the basics of snowshoeing. If you have a similar task you would be well served to start with their lesson plan and modify it to fit your audience and purposes

The goal is to teach students how to snowshoe with four objectives:

Students […]