Black Diamond Equipment Megamid Tipi

I bought this Black Diamond Equipment Megamid Tipi Tent as a 2nd (off color) with thoughts that it could be used for emergency shelter when canoe camping, but especially for winter camping. The tipi sets up easily on snow and over uneven ground. The four person Megamid is supposed to sleep 4 persons, but I […]

Tipi Camping

Hot or cold tenting? Each style of winter camping has it’s proponents.

Hot tenting usually involves packing a wood stove along with a more substantial tent – since one is spending time in the heated tent and it is not just a sleeping berth. Hot tenting may entail bringing your gear on a sled, toboggan […]

Waking up in the Tipi

We took our Kifari Tipi on our Ely, MN dog sledding winter camping trip. While some people slept in quinzees….

others just spread their bivys and sleeping bags out on the snow…..

the rest of us slept inside a warm tipi with the woodstove

causing us to ponder – why would they […]

Setting Up The Tipi

We often ‘hot tent’ using a Kifaru Tipi. The set up process involves clearing a large area of snow – or at least leveling the snow as much as possible.

Then we stake out the tent.

Insert the center pole and lift the Tipi.

Setting up the wood stove and chimney.


Winter Camping in the Tipi

Kirafu Tipi Collage

We love the Kirafu Tipi for winter camping. It is light and easy to set up. It accomodates 4-5 campers with a wood stove and wood. If you want to be warm – it can get very warm.

This collage is in honor of the tipi. Read our full review here or check out […]