Survival Kit

I have a survival kit that I take on canoe trips and some adventures. On our latest winter camping venture we got talking about doing a ‘survival overnight’. The idea would be to camp out overnight with minimal gear. How minimal was the topic of most of the discussion. Doing the trip somewhere safe where […]


A quinzee (also quinhzee) is a combination of an igloo and a snow cave. Quinzees are suitable in marginal snow conditions, or when a crust is not available for igloos, or when there is not enough deep packed snow for a snow cave. On the flip side a quinzee won’t last an entire winter season […]

Test Your Skills: A Collection of Winter and Wilderness Survival Quizzes

Looking to test your wilderness survival knowledge? Bored? Try these quizzes on Wilderness and Winter Survival.

Wilderness Survival Skills for Safe Wilderness Travel covers the gamut on survival skills including basic rules for survival, basic concepts, preparing for your trip, gear, a survival kit, survival knife, building shelter, building a fire, […]