Toboggans, Snow Sleds and Pulks

Frankly I have mixed experiences using sleds to transport winter camping gear. In the right circumstances a sled offers advantages over backpacking. It easy way to move a lot of gear – up to 18,000 cubic inches and 200+ lbs – more than one can comfortably stash in a backpack. So if you are […]

Winter Camping in the early 1900s

To get a sense of what winter camping was like in the early 1900’s read Winter Camping By Warwick Stevens Carpenter. This 164 page book on the sport of winter camping and its equipment and perils was was published in 1920. The book survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to […]

Tenting in the Snow

Jason checks out Mark’s tent during light snow flurries at Peaked Mountain.

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Winter Camping at Pine Orchard

From Adirondack Day Hikes: Pine Orchard by Barbara McMartin reprinted in Adirondack Sports and Fitness, June 2000.

“Pine Orchard Trail begins on private land in James Flater’s front yard leads to a knoll with an unusual history. A very old road that traversed the knoll dates back to the early nineteenth century. Parts of […]

Harv’s First Winter Solo Camping Trip

Harvey Road writes a blog focused on skiing in the Adirondacks and activities surrounding North River, NY.

I just found a post written from a past journal entry. It describes a 3 day- 2 night winter solo camping trip taken in the 13th Lake, Garnet Hill, Puffer Pond, Twin Ponds area.

While I […]

A snowy cook fire

There were a “few” snowflakes in the air as we made a cook fire against this huge boulder. The meal that night was Brats – easy to prepare and no clean-up.

The Sawvivor saw can be seen hanging from the tree. Two thumbs up for the Sawvivor!

Below Mark, Len, Jason, Rob and […]