Rob West’s Wool Sweater

I have gone on winter camping trips with Rob since seven years ago in January 2002. The picture below depicts Ian, Mark and Rob at a rest break during the hike into Puffer Pond. Ian is hydrating, which is good, Mark is looking pretty chipper, and we can see Rob, although he has his back [...]

Wool Clothing

Wool has long been the traditional favorite of outdoorsmen – it’s warm when wet and durable for its weight. Wool is a natural fiber composed primarily of keratin, a protein found also in hair, fingernails and animal hooves. Sheep serve as the primary source of wool for clothing. Wool has several qualities that distinguish [...]


It may not seem intuitive, but wearing 2 pair of socks is an effective method for wicking moisture away from your feet to keep your feet warm and prevent blisters. Not two hiking socks, but rather a synthetic or wool liner and a thick synthetic or wool outer sock.

Liner Socks: Wearing a liner sock [...]