2012-11 Cascade Pond

Veterans Day weekend has always been a traditional weekend for our “preseason” winter camping trip.  Cascade Lake/Falls near Old Forge provides an  easy destination, suitable camping area for a large group and a picturesque spot.  Everything that you want for a tenting jamboree.

Matt, Mark, Uncle Jim, Len, Rob, Skip, Sparky, Chris, and Rick were joined by greenhorn Mark aka “Puffy.”  It was a near perfect late fall weekend with clear skies, and temps in the upper 40s low 50s.  After setting up a tent city at the designated camping area, the group set off to find the falls.  Matt being the adventurous type decide to lead the group on a “short cut” by attempting a bushwhack to the falls.   Once the trail was located again we found the falls with no trouble.   After taking some photos at the falls including the traditional group shot we made our way back to camp.


Len and Rob carried a log back to camp for firewood while the rest of the group waited till they got closer to camp to gather their share of the wood.  Skip arrived a bit late into camp but still found ample room to set up his tent.  Everyone tended to their dinners while the conversation flowed around the campfire.


Tents were set up in the large open area under white pine trees.


Slowly everyone drifted off to their tents with the last few going to bed around 9:30ish.


We awoke to another picture perfect day while we ate breakfast, packed up and hiked back out.